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I don't suppose there's anyone out there familiar with the Newark, NJ area willing to help a random person on the internet make important life decisions? It's nothing big, I just need a little information on neighborhoods/transportation and things like that.

Responses from total strangers are welcome!
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I just got back from a restaurant where I ate about half of a hamburger that, upon reflection, tasted like uncooked ground beef soaked in lighter fluid.

So, a poll!

Poll #1818152 Predict my future!

Will I die?

Yes, because survival of the fittest is a real thing and, like a very stupid person, you proceeded to eat 10 oz of nasty uncooked meat when you could easily have stopped after one bite.
No, the lighter fluid will preserve your insides and you will never grow old and die.
Your poor judgment will lead you to accidentally kill yourself in a freak cottonball accident not long from now.

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I'm glad that AVOS came along and saved Delicious from disappearing into the ether, but did they have to pretty it up and add all sorts of scripts and upgraded business the very same day they acquired it? The new site is all... fancy. And how is it even possible that they have managed to add a bunch of new features to the site, while somehow simultaneously making it less useful? Make it stop.

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Okay, I'm done.

...FOR NOW. (*dun dun dunnnnnnn*)


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Sometimes I wish that I had giant flipper feet like Ian Thorpe.

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I don't suppose anyone out there lives in Portugal and/or speaks Portugese and would be willing to help me hunt someone down? I need a phone number for a colleague in Faro, but my Portugese (por favor, desculpe, obrigado) is insufficient to navigate the university phone system.


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Srs bzns warning, guys! I'm so sorry!

I am not big on conflict, and I'm usually all about laughing at life, both in RL and online. Unfortunately, a lot of the LJ communities in which I participate or lurk have been overrun with a bunch of bigots being bigots, and everyone seems to think it's okay. It's not okay. And I'm tired of removing myself from online spaces that I otherwise enjoy because people have the freedom to be bigots as long as they're being bigoted toward Muslims. So, anyway, I wrote this ranty thing, and then I felt better and decided not to post it, and then the whole issue came up again and I got all *raaaaawr!* again, and then I tried to re-write it without any profanity (hahaha!) but I just couldn't.

So! Because apparently this needs clarification:

If you think that because you are white, male, and/or "Western" it is remotely okay for you to even consider the question of what I or other Muslim women choose to put on our bodies or what we choose to do with our bodies... Do not pass "Go," do not collect $200. Instead, go stand in the corner and fuck yourself up the ass with a lava lamp.

If you are a feminist or a liberal who feels that you are more enlightened than those stupid brown women who are being forced to keep their hair hidden against their will, or if you think that Muslim women need your help to be free... Do not pass "Go," do not collect $200. Instead, go stand in the corner and fuck yourself up the ass with a lava lamp.

If I may continue...Collapse )

If you fall into any of the categories above and -- after having had it pointed out to you that it is incredibly offensive that you think Muslim women have no agency, ever, because they do not conform to you Western standards of dress and behavior -- if you still persist in thinking you are better than those dirty brown people (even if that's not what you really call them in your head)... Go fuck yourself, my friend, because you are a horrible human being and an all-around piece of shit and your misogyny and Islamophobia are absolutely disgusting. Kind of like you, actually.

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Current Mood: pensive Well, that was fun.

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NCIS, now with non-capslock textCollapse )

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Heeeey there, LJ! Hey!

First things first, thank you for the snowflake, Anonymouse! It made me feel smiley and warm on the inside, so thanks.

I’ve been around, even though I haven’t been updating. However, I’ve gotten particularly fannish about NCIS lately, and instead of harassing people in their journals, I thought I would do something crazy and maybe update my own journal with my fannish squee.

Why are you so awesome, NCIS?Collapse )

Hmmm, that was a lot of exclaiming. At least it’s out of my system now (sort of); I promise (again, sort of) not to yell in comments.

It’s also lovely that this episode brought all the bigots and xenophobes out of the woodwork over at the official site. It doesn’t make me happy that these people exist, but it does make me happy that they were so bothered by this episode. For this alone, I love it.

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I've been sort of lurking around the internet, not posting much, though I do try to check in when I can. Applying to law school is kicking my ass, and when I do have a minute to sit down at the computer, I find I would rather veg out on YouTube than do anything that requires thought. I've also been awfully bitter and cynical lately, especially about politics, and I thought it would be nice to spare people my crazy moods.

But I read this article the other day, and I absolutely have to share with you guys what might be the most incredible quote I've ever come across in a newspaper article:

Race, however, is a factor in the contest, which some discuss more frankly than others. Andy ("No last name, dear, I have my reasons") is a Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton but can't abide Obama.

"He'll do everything -- no offense to the Negroes -- for the Negroes and cut the whites down to nothing," the retired casino worker, 67, said between errands in downtown Reno. She doesn't like McCain any better and may stay home on election day.

There is so much wrong with that quote, but what gets me is the "no offense to the Negroes!" Like, she's a bigoted ass, and she knows she's a bigoted ass (I assume that's why she wouldn't give her last name), but she somehow feels compelled to throw in an "I'm sorry that you might be offended," as if that will somehow make her racist delusions okay? Alrighty, then.

Also, "Negroes?" Really, Andy? Really?

Now I want a poster of a Klan wizard with text that says "No offense to the Negroes," (!!!!!!) but I'm pretty sure that falls under the category of Things That Are Not Appropriate To Display At Work.


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*cries tears of sadness at THE WORLD EXPLODING*

Relatedly, I have read every single (unflocked) Cameron Mitchell fic on the internet. I'm not exaggerating. I read everything on ff.net, I used blogsearch and LJseek, I Googled, I hit up the memories at stargatefic and stargateficrec, I searched all the fic archives. I have read them all. I read the one where Cam is an evil tycoon that kidnaps Daniel and rapes him until Jack and Elizabeth (and maybe the Tok'ra? but I might be confusing fics at this point) rescue Daniel from his evil clutches. It was actually kind of awesome. I read the gangster AU, I read the one where he turns into a plant, I read the Supernatural crossover where he meets Dean Winchester at a car show. I read the one (one, ha! more like 20) where he has sex with John Sheppard, I read the one where he sex with Elizabeth Weir, I read the one where he has sex with Teyla, and I read the one where he has sex with Rodney McKay. I did not read the one where he has sex with Ronon, but only because I could not find such a thing. I read the one with the dialogue in bold. I read the one with the entire story in bold. I read the one written entirely in italics. I even read the Farscape crossovers, even though nothing squicks me more than crossovers in which two of the characters are played by the same actor and therefore look exactly the same.

Oh, and I read this one, which I am reposting most of because it's only a few hundred words long and VERY BAD and very funny and also kind of offensive. It disturbs me because I can't tell if it's a joke or not.

I may want to read it again.Collapse )

Why are there no Popslash/Stargate crossovers? Think of the possibilities: Justin/McKay, JC/McKay (!!!!!!), JC/Mitchell, Chris/Teyla. ♥ ♥ ♥ [True story: ever since Lance came out, I feel weird even thinking about slashing him with people.]

And now I will go ponder why so much of the Cam/Lam fic is so bad. Their names rhyme. Their smooshed-together pairing name is CLAM!! (portmanteaus =\o/!!!! ) THERE IS NO BAD.

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My father and I got into a shouting match in the middle of the grocery store the other day, over kumquats. I really wish I were kidding, but I'm not. People were staring at us and giving us a wide berth and it was all very embarrassing. At one point, he stomped off to angrily look for a plastic bag to hold the kumquats THAT I DIDN'T EVEN WANT and I had to stand there by the kumquat display and smile and not meet peoples' eyes. God, my family is so weird. And now I have a quarter pound of kumquats and absolutely no idea what to do with them! Are they fruit? They look vaguely fruity. I don't know how to peel them or cook them or eat them raw, and I don't care enough to Google. :( I also find myself vaguely disappointed because I thought kumquats would be more interesting. They're like tiny little misshapen oranges. So sad.

So, anyway, that was much more traumatic than a trip to the grocery store should be, and when I came home, I dealt with my trauma by watching more Stargate.

SG-1 9.02 Avalon Pt. 2Collapse )

Apropos of absolutely nothing other than the fact that I just watched SG-1 and am about to watch SGA, I want Sheppard and Mitchell to have their own episode, in which Mitchell lounges around with his thigh holster on and makes snarky comments because he is jealous of Sheppard having his very own city, and Sheppard lounges around with his thigh holster on and makes snarky comments because he is jealous of Mitchell's well-behaved hair. And then they have sex, THE END.

On to Atlantis! I made (very shoddy) screencaps to go with my squee, because I'm cool like that.

Atlants 4.01Collapse )

I am so excited about watching season 4 that I'm having a hard time making myself sit down and watch it. It makes me flaily and stuff. All in all, a wonderful start to the season. I don't know why I was so nervous about it. No, actually, I do. It's because Joe Mallozzi is kind of a dick. But that seems to be working well for SGA in a way that it never did for SG-1.

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